Magic of spring season in Uttarakhand

by Neha Mehta

uttarakhand in spring sesion

Spring season brings happiness and hope to all. After the old leaves fall in the Autumn, the trees are loaded with new leaves and colorful flowers. Which fills our body and mind with a new happiness. Which indicate us to rise again after falling in life.

uttarakhand in spring sesionThere is no harm in that every season of Uttarakhand has its own scientific significance and natural beauty. Something special happens in the spring season, the reason behind it is also special. Spring season fills ordinary life with magic. There is happiness, new enthusiasm in this season.


So, let us see what is unique here when you visit Uttarakhand during the spring season between mid-March and June.


buranshEverywhere Buransh (Rhododendron)!


Buransh(बुरांश) has a special place in Uttarakhand where along with being the identity of the state, it also reflects the culture of Uttarakhand.


Buransh trees in Uttarakhand are laden with round clusters of white, pink, red or purple flowers during spring, a sight that should not be missed at any cost. Other flowers also bloom in early spring, when they feel the days are getting longer and the weather is getting warmer. Several studies have shown that looking at flowers can relieve sadness and anxiety and fill you with positivity.






fuldeyiCultural relationship between Uttarakhand and the spring season:


There are many festivals depicting the culture of Uttarakhand according to different seasons of Uttarakhand.
Fuldei (फुलदेई) is a folk festival of the mountains of Uttarakhand. This festival, which brings the message of the arrival of new flowers, the new year, the new season, is a folk festival to connect with nature. On the day of Phuldai(फुलदेई), children wake up early in the morning to collect wild flowers like Phoolli(फ्यूंली), Buransh(बुरांश), Basing(बासिंग) and Kachnar(कचनार). These flowers are decorated in a ringel(रिंगाल) (wooden similar to bamboo) basket. Keeping flowers and leaves along with jaggery, rice and coconut in the basket, the children leave for their village and locality. By planting these flowers and rice at the main gate of the village house, the girls pray for the prosperity of that house. And scatter flowers at their door.

With the arrival of spring season in Uttarakhand, the Valley of Flowers in Uttarakhand also fills up with flowers, during the spring season Basanti folk songs are collectively sung to celebrate the new flowers and the settling of new life.



Entrance Gate of  Char Dham Yatra:


Uttarakhand is called Dev Bhoomi, this is where the Char Dhams are also located. The Char Dhams of Uttarakhand are Badrinath, Kedarnath, Gangotri and Yamunotri.

Due to snowfall and severe cold in Char Dham, their gates are closed for six months. The Char Dham Yatra of Uttarakhand is reopened for the devotees only in the spring season. Mostly it is around Akshaya Tritiya, an annual spring festival, that all four temples open their doors for pilgrimage.


Pleasant and Cheerful spring seasonPleasant and Cheerful spring season:


Uttarakhand is a hilly state and most of the region of Uttarakhand goes to the extent of snowfall in winter, so spring marks the end of such harsh weather and the beginning of a pleasant climate. Spring is a season when it is neither too hot nor too cold.


If you are in the mountains and you sit in the sun then you can enjoy sunbathing in the hills. Or rather, the sunshine of the mountains has a different fun.



musk dearWhen Animals Give Birth:


Many animals, including the musk deer, the Uttarakhand state animal, breed in the spring. This is the best time for them to give birth to their babies as the temperature is warm and comfortable and food is plentiful during this time.


If you are a wildlife lover, this is the best time for you to learn about the birth and early life of baby animals.


Birds During SprinBirds Return During Spring:


Many birds migrate south during winter to escape the harsh weather of Uttarakhand and start migrating north with the onset of spring. During March-June, you can see a major avian arrival. In the spring season, there is greenery everywhere and the chirping of birds is heard everywhere, which is really a wonderful feeling.


A Season Of Fresh ProduceA Season Of Fresh Produce:


Many vegetables and fruits are harvested in the spring. ‘This is the season to get your local fresh green produce. Uttarakhand’s ‘Hisalu(हिसालू)’ and ‘Kaphal(काफल)’ are spring fruits, which I believe have the most exotic taste. The terrace farms of hills during spring turns into a green blanket. Moreover, Uttarakhand’s organic produce are harvested during this season, which have unlimited number of health benefits.



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