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Pichora: Only a Traditional Cloth?

by Rashi Arera

Pichora : Only a Traditional Cloth?


Uttarakhand better yet, the Devbhoomi, has always been the topic of discussion all over the world for many different things.

One of such things that Uttrakhand  has been constantly a matter of discussion about is definitely the various traditions and cultural heritage present around here.

Many different rituals and traditions in Uttarakhand is definitely an attraction for people outside Uttrakhand be it all over the nation or be it in the foreign lands.

One of the most important parts of this rich cultural heritage or traditions definitely is the cloth popular by the name of Pichora. 

Below are some of the points about the term Pichora that will be focused on,



What is Pichora?


When we try to reason with the question, What is Pichora? we directly go to the appearance of that particular cloth! Though we will be focusing more on its importance in the article ahead. Below are some of the points describing the appearance of the pichora,


  • Talking about the different colours that are used in that particular traditional cloth named Pichora for people in Uttarakhand will be the colours red and saffron.


  • Here one thing to remember is that red and saffron are both the colours that symbolises The Hindu tradition and the very thought of it. 


  • The whole cloth is first dyed in saffron colour for the Pichora to have a base then the saffron cloth is printed with small circle light symbols which are imprinted with the colour red, giving way to a beautiful combination of saffron and red colour. 


  • When we go back to the ancient times then the which had as were made by people at home and they used to dye the cloth as well as the imprint the circles using a coin impression.


  • Now with the advancement in time we see the Pichora’s  being made using machinery.  This has definitely made the borders look even more beautiful and mesmerizing! 


  • At the very centre of the cloth there lies a “Swastika” which is a symbol for prosperity in the Uttarakhandi tradition.


What is the significance of Pichora?


Follow up on the points below to find the significance of Pichora,


  • The significance of Pichora lies within the traditional accessories the ladies specially the married women in the ethnic Uttarakhandi households.


  • The Pichora is worn by every traditional bride in Uttarakhand because it is considered as pious and also the colours red and saffron symbolise good luck and prosperity. 


  • Every religious rituals performed at a traditional household in Uttarakhand will provide you with the scene full of women proudly putting on the clothes popularly known as ” Rangwali Pichora”.


Can Pichora be a unity in Integrity symbol for the state of Uttarakhand?


When talking about Pichora being a symbol for Unity in Integrity in the state of Uttarakhand, then definitely we can say that.

This is all because even though Uttarakhand is divided into Kumaoni and Garhwali divisions,  there still lie many different traditional rituals like putting on Pichora that still intentionally keep us United! 

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