Rudranath Temple:  Doors Opening on May 20, 2023


Rudranath Temple, one of the Panch Kedars, holds deep historical and mythological importance. Legend has it that Lord Shiva, as Rudra, performed intense penance here, blessing humanity and awakening spirituality.

As we approach the temple, its intricate architecture mesmerizes us. The exquisite stone carvings and sculptures narrate tales of devotion and divinity. Let's immerse ourselves in its ethereal beauty.

To reach the Rudranath temple, you can take a route that begins with a 5-kilometer road journey to Sagar village in Chamoli district, Uttarakhand. From there, a 20-kilometer trek awaits you, leading you to the sacred destination.

Another option is a 3-kilometer road trip to Gangolgaon, followed by a 17-kilometer uphill trek. From Gopeshwar, a 13-kilometer route leads to Mandal, followed by a 6-kilometer trek to Anasuya Devi temple, and then 20 kilometers to Rudranath temple.

Ensure you are physically fit and prepared for the trek, as it involves varying levels of difficulty and endurance. Check the weather conditions and plan your journey accordingly.

The temple is surrounded by sacred kunds (pools), including Surya Kund, Chandra Kund, Tara Kund, and Mana Kund. Numerous trekking routes begin from Gopeshwar village, leading you to this divine site.