Uttarkhand  Chardham  Yatra Guide


The Char Dham Yatra in Uttarakhand is a significant pilgrimage journey  for Hindus. The four sacred sites to be visited in the Char Dham Yatra  are Yamunotri, Gangotri, Kedarnath, and Badrinath.

The best and traditional route to follow for the Uttarakhand Char Dham Yatra can be found on the following slides

Yamunotri:  Start your journey from Rishikesh or Dehradun and proceed  towards Yamunotri, the source of the Yamuna River. The temple is located  at an altitude of 3,293 meters in the western region of the Garhwal  Himalayas.

Gangotri:  After visiting Yamunotri, proceed towards Gangotri, which is the source of the Ganges. The temple is located at an altitude of 3,100 meters in the northern region of the Garhwal Himalayas.

Kedarnath:  From Gangotri, proceed towards Kedarnath, which is one of the twelve  Jyotirlingas and located at an altitude of 3,584 meters. Kedarnath is  dedicated to Lord Shiva and is situated in the midst of the stunning  Kedarnath range.

Badrinath The final stop on the Char Dham Yatra is Badrinath, which is located at an altitude of 3,133 meters in the Chamoli district of Uttarakhand. It is dedicated to Lord Vishnu and is considered to be one of the holiest sites in Hinduism.

After visiting Badrinath, you can either return to Rishikesh or Haridwar, depending on your itinerary. The entire journey usually takes around ten to twelve days to complete.

Best time to visit Char Dham is from April/May to October/November as heavy snowfall in winter closes the shrines.