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Peaks chinapeak Full view


The seven peaks that surround the lake provide excellent hiking routs. They are

  • Cheena Peak : Tallest of all, at a height of 2,610 metres and 5.5 kilometers away, commands the finest view and, on a clear day, a wide range of the snow-clad Himalayas is visible while from the summit is a bird’s eye view of Naini Tal. There is also a four-room leg cabin and a restaurant.
  • Kilbury : Kilbury is second place, at a height of 2,528 metres, Kilbury is a good place for a quiet week-end holiday and picnic. Occasionally wild animals are also seen here.
  • Laria Kanta : It is third at an altitude of 2,481 meters, 5.5 kilometers from Nainital with a glorious view of the surrounding suburban lake region.
  • Deopatta and Camel’s Back : These both peaks, are at an elevation of 2435 meters while Alma Peak is at an elevation of 2435 meters
  • Dorothy’s Seat: The memorial from a sorrowing husband to his wife, Dorothy, killed in an air crash, gave the name to this 2,290 meters peak, 4.5 kilometers from the town. Before the death of Mrs. Kellet, an English lady and the tomb built by her husband, the peak was known as Ayarpatt Hill. It is also known as Tiffin Top and is a memorial to MRs. Dorothy Kellet built by her husnand. It commands an excellent view of the Himalayas as well as the neighbouring countryside. Its is 4.5 km from the town. One can trek or negotiate on horseback.
  • Snow View : At the height of 2270 meters, it affords, as the name suggests, a beautiful and breath

Written by aj