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Nainital-The Lake City nainital Full view

Nainital-The Lake City

The nucleus of Nainital’s exquisite beauty is beautiful lake. In the day, mirrored in its waters stand seven proud hills, dotted with pretty cottages and villas. This reflection alone holds one spell bound. More beautiful than this however is the lake at night when the myriads of bulbs from the hill sides and quite a large number hanging near the lake’s edge stab their magic light into its waters.

The lake offers the holiday makers ample opportunity for yachting, boating or paddling the boat. Boating rates in conventional rowing boats ranges from Rs. 30/- to Rs. 50/- in peak season days from one end of lake to another end. Paddling boats are available on hourly rate from Rs. 50/- to Rs. 90/- depending on type of paddle boat and tourist rush. Rowing as well as paddling boats are available at both ends of lake.

The north end of lake is called Mallital while the southern one is caNaini Lakelled Tallital which have a bridge (Danth popularly named) having Gandhiji’s statue and post office on its sides. It is the only Post Office on the lake bridge in whole of the world. There is Bus Station, Taxi stand and Railway reservation counter on the same lake bridge, both ends have well laid out shopping centres, with beautifully laid of marts, stores and luxury shops.

The Mall
On one of side of lake run the Mall road now named Govind Ballabh Pant Marg. It is lined up by many hotels, restaurants, travel agencies, shops, banks and other business concerns. In summer months of May & June Mall road is closed for vehicular traffic in evening hours to facilitate Mall strolling which is the famous attraction for all the tourists. This road is the main link joining Mallital and Tallital.

On the other side of the lake lies the Thandi Road. It is comparatively less busy and have Pashan devi temple. Vehicles are not allowed on Thandi Road.

At the northern side of the lake there is a place of rendezvous for people from all walks of life. Here evenings are heavily crowded. There is a statue of Pt. Govind Ballabh Pant and a beautiful fountain. There is a band stand. The Flats has playing ground used for sports games and cultural activities during festivals. There is Chat Bazar,Bhotia Market in the flats. In Bhotia Market vendors sell their fancy items. There is Mosque, Gurudwara and Naina Devi temple in flatts. Capitol cinema and Rink theatre which is used for roller skating are also situated in Flatts.A portion of the flatts is used for car parking .New club ,Boat House club ,Masonic Hall are in the periphery of the flatts for recreation.

It is one of the main attractions of Nainital. This ropeway connects Snow-View Point (at 2270 Mts.) with Nainital near flats. Aerial ropeway starts at Mallital, there are two trolleys to carry passengers. It takes approx. 151.7 seconds to cover one way journey by trolley. Cabin capacity is 10+1 or 825 kg. A Ropeway trip costs Rs. 70/- Per person for both sides, In Snow-View Point you can have wide view of snow-capped Himalayas by the powerful binoculars and enjoy the time in fun park.

Traffic rules on the Mall Road
Entry of heavy traffic is prohibited during the months of May, June and October from 8 AM to 10.30 AM and 2.30 PM to 10.30 PM, light vehicles from 6.00 PM to 10.00 PM and cycle rickshaw from 6.00 PM to 9.00 PM.

Toll Tax
Toll tax is charged by municipality from the vehicles entering the Nainital town . It is charged at Tallital from the vehicles entering from Haldwani/ Bhowali, while at Sukhatal from the vehicles coming from Kaladhungi side.

Parking of Vehicles is restricted on Mall in the summer & autumn months. One can park vehicle in the flatts (Mallital), taxi stand, Tallital & KMVN Parking at Sukhatal. Beside this some hotels provide parking facility to their customers.

Horse Riding
Horse riding is another important attraction for tourists in Nainital. Houses can be hired at Mallital. Horse riding is also allowed on Thandi Sarak, but no vehicles.

The winter starts at Nainital in late October which extends upto late March, of which December & January are extreme cold during which snow fall may also occur. April to Mid June & the month of October is the most pleasant time at Nainital. It rains very heavily from late June to September.

Heavy woolens in winter and light woolens in summer. Raincoat & Umbrella are must during rainy season.

Best time to visit
Round the year, especially in summer.

Local Language
Hindi, Kumauni

What to buy
Decorative Wax Candles, Wooden Sticks, Items made of pine seeds etc.

Written by aj